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HR-Meter can quickly provide you with the tools you need for all of your modern Human Resource Management needs. 

Our core focus is on the implementation and management of IT based HR tools in the areas of personnel selection, performance management and development.

HR-Meter Smart Recruiting and Performance Management solutions utilize the latest innovations to create optimal Web 2.0 solutions that are vastly superior to traditional practices while significantly lowering associated operating costs.

  The HR-Meter Tool Box

The HR-Meter Tool Box is filled with tools that are the ever evolving products of years of experience in the creation, integration and execution of IT-Based Human Resource Management techniques that benefit individual employees as well as companies as a whole.

Traditional 360 Degree Feedback
Internal and external multi-rater feedback
Benchmarking of skills
Competence modules and training sessions
Collection of skills inventory for an organization
Support for employee appraisals
Identification of high potentials
Determination of business culture
Performance Tracking
Management by Objectives
Climate Surveys
Measurement of Leadership Skills
Measurement of employee satisfaction
Measurement of team quality
Measurement of customer satisfaction
Measurement of meeting efficiency
Measurement of innovation in a team
Measurement of risk tolerance and ethical thinking
Measurement of training success
Assessment of vocational personality
Assessment of cognitive abilities
Assessment of psycho-social integrity
Assessment of work patterns and motivation
Automated Interviewing via webcam
Live interviewing, biographical interview
Social network integration
Reference checks
Design of career websites
Design of candidates suite within job portals
Database management and candidate ranking

  Projects in Human Resource Management

Positioning and target definition
Performance analysis based on MBO and linguistic analysis
Measurement of baseline profiles and general benchmarks
Creation of strategic competency modules
Integration of skills modules in HR tools
Creation of customer databases
Online tool administration
Presentation of results in statistical reporting
Creating and sending of individual participant reports
Executive coaching
Provision of training units
Measuring training success


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In addition to the items listed above, HR-Meter is currently involved in the following processes.

 Consultancy for integration of HR tools

 Use of standardized instruments

 Development of skills modules & tools

 Administration of IT-based projects

 Maching Tools: Content & Corporate Design







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