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   Succession Planning


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Pro-actively managing workforce inflow/outflow by identification of key performers and key positions

Input for hiring

Early identification and planning around potential succession scenarios

Parallelization of competency inventories and available competency profiles through according training


Organizations are in a constant flux. Optimally, a succession plan should have available, for every position, an alternative employee or function. However, in most companies, it has proven sufficient to keep an eye on all key positions and a pool of high potentials available for that inevitable moment of transition. But even then, high potentials need to be identified and developed. And key positions may be organized differently to lower the dependency on key performers. Very recently, HR departments have begun to take a new approach by managing succession planning in a more proactive (rather than passive) way. They often use certain HR-Meter tools available to proactively manage their workforce and rapidly detect potential succession scenarios.


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Profile assessment of key performer

Statistical assessment of baseline profiles

Hierarchy or function related competence inventories

Hiring assessments


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