Services in Human Resource Management 

  Performance Management

A great first indicator for strong Performance Management is still fast, individual, service oriented personnel departments. Successful companies often work with systematic performance management solutions based on the internal processes deemed most important to the company and the people who are needed to implement them.

All elements of a performance management process should interlock and overlap in order to create an optimal system suited to and covering the main performance aspects important to each individual involved.

 360 Degree Feedback / Multi-Rater Feedback

 Competence Modules, Benchmarks

 Performance Tracking and Coaching

 Building on Knowledge and Training

 Measuring the Organizational Climate / Employee Surveys

 Integration of Leadership Assessment and Development

 Analysis of Work Motivation and Incentives


Managers tell us that the well structured performance management solutions provided by HR-Meter have greatly facilitated much needed movement within their hierarchies.








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