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Measure Team compatibility and integration / integratedness

Improve Team productivity

Improve meeting efficiency

Improve employee satisfaction, confidence and performance


A lot of important and productive work gets done in a wide variety of teams (e.g. production teams, steering teams and committees, project teams, research teams, etc.). Teams work together to accomplish common goals that ultimately affect the company's bottom line. We have found that when teams are highly compatible and integrated, they produce a higher quality of work and are, overall, more productive. If managers can promptly identify strong teams and what makes them strong, they can act to create similar teams as well as reorganize less compatible, productive, teams. This leads to a steady improvement in team cooperation, confidence, compatibility and productivity. Over time, these improvements are directly reflected in departmental output and the company's bottom line.


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Peronality assessment of team members

Meet efficiency and other assessments of co-operation

Team member interaction appraisals and team coaching


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