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The use of 360 Degree Feedback is now widespread. A carefully constructed, methodologically accurate and wide ranging feedback process supports the individual development of employees and provides collective improvement toward a desired leadership culture.

Multi-rater feedback is more than just an online tool. It is a comprehensive project which forms the core of an inclusive and engaged human resource management. Successful feedback projects begin with well-considered questionnaires and tool production that fits with the company's goals. They run on focused kickoffs and invitations, administration of the tool, effective reporting and assistance for participants upon completion of the project to maximize the results of feedback. All of this must be tuned to fit neatly with the environment within the company. Although there are many popular versions of 360 Degree Feedback processes, each organization should find their own. We develop with our customers a best fit solution on the basis of proven content modules. Moreover, this can be done in multiple languages. Plus, HR-Meter has a network of experienced coaches available to work with participants and their feedback results.

A 360 Degree Feedback results report can be best described with screenshots. Report types include organizational charts, lists of participants, data entry lists, individual ratings and third party ratings per item, group values per item, individual gap analysis, overall group performance, statistical analysis of all records, group performance per item category, strengths and weaknesses profiles, listing of individual comments and frequency distributions of answers.








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