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  HR Outsourcing

Work done in the field of Human Resource Management has evolved and broadened dramatically in recent years. Basic and fundamental tasks alike are commonly solved with the use of software. Yet, the range of HR requirements has increased. With these new requirements come necessary time burdens. HR departments are pushed to the limit and often cannot meet the internal service needs and requests including systematic project management.

There are many recurring HR processes that can be tackled internally with simple and inexpensive solutions. Yet, at a certain point, it becomes no longer feseable for HR to manage all of their internal initiatives.  That is where HR-Meter comes in.


The advantages of outsourcing various HR processes are obvious: HR frees up resources and expertise for internal use when needed. When it comes to time-consuming adminitrative processes (i.e. payroll, benefits, talent management, etc.), HR outsourcing offers the most pleasant solution. Given the quality of new technologies, it is often difficult for employees outside of HR to tell whether the service is being provided internally or externally.



HR-Meter offers solutions in the following areas:

 Implementation of Strategies

Corporate Communication - Public Relations in HR

 Process Improvements - Balanced Score Cards

 Performance Measurement, Opinion Polls

 Integration of Knowledge, Skills and Innovation

 Restructurings, Organization Aids, and more

 Tool-Related Project Management such as Recruitment


HR-Managers may not be familiar with how to create optimal solutions. These solutions require intimate knowledge of content and form, as well as a sophisticated understanding of the technology used to deliver the solution. The deliverables available from many outsourced projects simply cannot be matched internally.








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