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Get quantitative information on Managerial performance to add incentives and steer performance.

Identify key strengths and areas for improvement in your managers to ensure fair and accurate promotions

Making sure you have the right person on the right job


Far too often, managers are assessed exclusively by the fiscal numbers (revenue generated, expense reports, ROI, etc.) While these kinds of appraisals are valuable, they fail to identify key managerial skills that can be just as important; namely: leadership, communication, teamwork, adaptability, etc. It is highly important for organizations to properly assess their management on the basis of all relevant competencies in order to identify areas of strength and for improvement. Strong employee-managerial relations have been found to lead to a steady improvement in employee confidence, satisfaction and company culture which creates the foundation for long term, sustained growth. One highly efficient and cost effective way to to create this foundation is through targeted appraisal of managerial skills within your organization's leadership.


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Online assessment tools testing: numeric, verbal and managerial skills

Assessment Center for comprehensive skill testing (role games, presentations, etc.)

Personality testing

Multi-rater assessment and team building assessments

Focused testing. For example: "Innovative Talent"  


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