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Eliminate expenses associated with the traditional interview (travel expenses, lunch, etc.)

Interview multiple candidates simultaneously

Never have to schedule a phone or in-person interview again

Review interviews on your own time


The interview is arguably the most important step in the hiring process. Yet, because of the time and scheduling issues, it has always been unreasonable to offer interviews to more than a handful of candidates. Now it is possible to offer every candidate a full interview with HR-Meter's Auto Interviewing systems. Our systems eliminate the expenses associated with the traditional interview, interview multiple candidates simultaneously and allow organizations to review interviews on their own time. You'll never have to schedule a phone or in-person interview again.


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Conduct interviews automatically, over the internet, with no scheduling

Record live-interviews or auto-interviews for selection or managerial review

Combine auto-interviewing with comprehensive candidate assessments

Design an interview selection process for employees with a better fit to position


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