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Get comprehensive analysis of candidate's work patterns and skills

Rank and sort candidates

Measure a candidate's core competencies

Get relevant information about candidate's fit for your open position

Save significant amounts of money on new hire

Offer interviews only to 'A' candidate's


Far too often, companies waste significant amounts of money in the candidate search process and still end up hiring the wrong person for the job. Organizations should focus on offering interviews to only the most highly qualified candidate's and this is exactly where a highly efficient and proven pre-selection process can make all the difference. With HR-Meter's candidate assessment programs, you can get a comprehensive analysis of a candidate's core competencies, skills and work patterns. What is more, you can rank and sort your candidates by the most relevant information about the candidate's fit for your open position. Not only does this save organizations significant amounts of money on a new hire, but it saves time and energy, as well.


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Comprehensive work patterns and skills assessments (including leadership/Social skills)

Integrate a candidate's reference check

Integrate recorded first round selection interviews

Customized pre-selection assessment of competencies relevant to your open position


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