Services in Human Resource Management 

  Smart Recruiting

Many professional recruiters in both professional recruitment firms as well as HR departments around the world use one or more pre-selection assessment tool. These same professionals use HR-Meter Smart Recruiting methods because they know that HR-Meter offers the right combination of method, assessment and selection procedures to increase the quality of their selection process enormously. 

We help you select the appropriate selection process for the positions you are trying to fill. We help you adapt to your changing recruitment needs and the changing recruitment environment. Through our on-line suites, we create the maximum level of transparency in our automated process and integration so that your decision makers never miss an opportunity to get the right candidate for the job.

 On-line applications in job portals

Automated/Live- Interviewing via Webcam

 On-line Assessment Center (Intelligence, Personality, etc.)

 Social Network Integration

 Reference Checks

 Database management and Candidate Ranking


HR Managers from around the world say that using our system frees up 70% of the time they spend on applicant selection and saves them 50% in annual recruitment costs!








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