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Test knowledge to know what you need to train

Test effects of a training

Make learning a personal duty

Tackle hard to incorporate subjects like work security


Often, employees do not have the knowledge or the skills needed to carry out the day to day demands particular to their jobs. This is not because they were not properly educated in school. Rather, lack of on the job training and development is often the culprit. It is highly important for organizations to routinely evaluate their knowledge and training programs in order to ensure that the right skills are being developed for the right employees in the right roles. Further, organizations need to know that their trainings and knowledge programs are having the desired effects. When knowledge and training are properly integrated, improvement in performance can be made to seem like a personal duty or goal for many employees. When employees feel motivated to improve, they are far more likely to perform well in otherwise difficult to incorporate areas of work.


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Test of training effects

Design of specific knowledge or behavioral assessments (i.e. security at work)

Combine assessments with sweepstakes, riddles, and brainteasers


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