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Attract top candidates

Reduced hiring costs through better booking prices and package deals

Reduced time-to-hire

Improved job market image


Marketing open positions can be one of the most hectic and stressful tasks for an organization. It can seem like the amount of work required to hire a single, qualified, employee becomes a daunting, expensive task. But it doesn't have to be! Organizations should seek to begin their hiring process with highly targeted Job Marketing. In order to attract the top candidates, and reduce hiring costs, organizations turn to HR-Meter to garner better booking prices and package deals on major job search sites. Plus, HR-Meter can significantly reduce the time-to-hire while improving your organization's image in the job market.


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Conduct highly targeted job marketing on career platforms like Monster & Careerbuilder

Combine job marketing with administrated career website(s)

Integrate suitable online hiring tools (i.e. reference checks & competence assessments)

Integrate auto-interviewing or live-interviewing into your hiring process


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