• With our HR-Meter tools, we are providing online questionnaires to our customers through which they will receive an individual profile based on the respective inputs, and which in the framework of the contract, can be compared to other received profiles. For this purpose, we will collect personal data (hereafter also referred to as “your data”), on a strictly voluntary basis, which we will then evaluate. This is not the case with customer tools, such as the “Management Check,” in which the HR-Meter customer is the one inputting the data in order to receive a personal analysis. The protection and security of your data are of utmost importance to us. We strictly adhere to all legal requirements for the protection and security of data in the collection, processing and utilization of your data.

    The Online Questionnaires: HR-Meter does not conduct online surveys for its own purposes, but rather to fulfill customer orders. The online questionnaire, which you accessed through a link on our respective customer’s site, was prepared in accordance with our customer’s instructions. Our customer, not HR-Meter, is solely responsible for the type and content of the questions, as well as for the requested information.

    Protection of Your Data: Your personal data, which you provided to us by filling out the online questionnaire, will be handled with the strictest confidence, and collected, processed and utilized exclusively for purposes connected to the respective survey. From your responses, HR-Meter will prepare an individual profile, based on the parameters provided by our customer, which will be compared to the profiles of other candidates to generate various evaluations, e.g., a ranking based on criteria stipulated by our customer.

    Your data, together with the data of the other candidates, will be transmitted to our customer in an individually identifiable manner once the survey and the evaluation of the results are completed. Transmission will be exclusively to the respective customer through whose link you accessed our online questionnaire. We are not responsible for any additional processing and use of your data by our customer. We will not transmit data, which identifies you personally, to third parties.

    We will save and store your personal data, which were collected and processed by HR-Meter, only as long as necessary for the purposes of the respective survey. We will delete all personal data in our possession upon completion of the survey and transmission of the data to our customer. For security reasons, these data will not be deleted immediately, but rather one month after transmission to our customer. We reserve the right to use your data, in a fully anonymous version and as long as these do not identify you personally in any way, for the development of our tools, for statistical purposes and for transmission to third parties, unless you specifically oppose such use by sending an e-mail to

    The collection, processing and use of your data, specifically including storage and transmission, can take place in Germany, the USA, or a third country within or outside the EU / EEA.

    Security of Your Data: We will do everything in our power to ensure the security of your data. The input of your data in the online questionnaire is made on pages secured by SSL technology. We employ technical and organizational measures to protect your data against intentional or unintentional changes, use, loss or transfer, and against access by or misuse through unauthorized persons. Absolute online security is unfortunately not possible. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons will never circumvent these security measures or that your data will never be used for other than the specified purposes.

    Consent: Before your completed online questionnaire can be sent, you must consent to the collection, processing and use of your data in accordance with this privacy policy. You can revoke your consent at any time, with future effectiveness, by sending an e-mail to

    Additional Questions: Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at




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