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A process may be difficult because of reoccurring mistakes, after a restructuring etc.

There are different ways to analyse process: workload, work patterns, complexity, interfaces, room for error, transparency, decision making etc.

The right analysis may be enough to make a lasting change in process efficiency

No big consulting services needed


Business process analysis often comes down to tackling reoccurring mistakes or to adjusting processes within a broader restructuring effort. Ground work for this often consists of different types of process analysis: workload, work pattern, interface, decision making analysis (just to name a few). Implementing the right kind of process analysis may offer the transparency that enables making lasting changes in process efficiency. Especially for SMEs, it may be comforting to know that no big consulting contracts need to be budgeted for this.


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Best-practice questionnaires to measure work-flow characteristics 

Workload and work-type analysis 

Process, interface, and performance tracking

Process, interface, and performance tracking  


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