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We often conduct database research for our clients. At the beginning of many processes of change within an organization, there is not only a change of mind, or structure, but a full blown search for knowledge. HR departments are often asked difficult questions concerning transition and are expected to provide answers based on the most accurate, up-to-date research. It is important that HR departments have broad overviews of the relevant issues and be able to go into depth on virtually any employee related issue. HR-Meter can help you learn by providing you with up-to-date digests of the most recent research and international studies.

Here's how it works:

HR submits to us a research request. We perform searches on this issue through a vast catalog of databases. We read and process all relevant search results and produce a structured compilation of research results in the form of a digest.

Our research is done in over 15 expansive databases and across 2000+ journals. Here is a short list of some relevant sources:

Lexis-Nexis Business & Academic
Academic Search Premiere
Educational Management Administration & Leadership
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
Workforce Management
Expert Systems with Applications
Social Indicators Research
Journal of Information Science
Theory in Practice
Leader to Leader
Journal of Psychology
Behavior Modification
Expert Systems with Applications
Journal of Applied Psychology
Gender, Work & Organization
T + D
And thousands more...

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