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   Performance Appraisals


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Identify strengths and areas for improvement

Support managers to do a professional performance appraisal

Create individualized development plans and trace their fulfillment

Improve employee-managerial relations


Performance appraisals are rarely comprehensive and often leave employees feeling short changed and under appreciated. Employees, Managers, and executives alike, deserve comprehensive performance appraisals. Performance appraisals should be specific enough to create individualized development plans and lead to their fulfilment. When employees are given performance appraisals that accurately reflect their experiences at work, recognize their strengths and offer constructive insights into areas for improvement, they are more likely to personally invest in their performance, strive to achieve more and motivate those around them.


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Best-practice performance appraisals (process consulting)

Tools supporting and tracking managerial performance appraisals

Collateral performance assessments

Longer-term performance tracking


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