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HR-Meter develops and distributes innovative, analytical HR tools focused on improving selection, leadership, and organizational development processes in domestic and international businesses.

Our Team advises HR management, HR consultants, and senior management on HR tools and develops the appropriate products and services to meet their respective needs.

Together with our clients, we pursue the goal of achieving outstanding individual and team performances as a result of a comprehensive and value based assessment of HR strategy and its alignment with organizational goals. We are confident that HR systems with the right focus result in sustainable employee performance and motivation.

The strengths that we have developed over the years are based on the implementation of standardized and customized HR tools as well as related process consulting and IT expertise. Through an extensive network, we are able to bring together the knowledge of US and European based HR consultants, research professionals, communication experts, organizational psychologists, trainers, and IT specialists. In fact, one of our main advantages is the close co-operation between HR experts and IT specialists.

Among our areas of expertise are: HRM system development, development of customized HR analysis tools, consulting and training, incorporation of scientific models and methods, and broad International management experience.

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Ihre Ansprechpartner:

Christina Dietzsch-Kley: Development & IT

Eamon Duede: Sr. Director Client Services USA

Andrew Perkins: Sales USA

Barbara Schiecke: Central Services

Anna Brockstedt: Blog Editor & Social Networking Coordinator



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