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Expand and improve corporate website by a state of the art career website

Save significant amounts of money on job advertising and application management

Save time and energy associated with updating and managing web pages


Major businesses and corporations from around the world make use of state of the art career websites integrated directly into their organization's consumer website by HR-Meter. These Career Websites (often job portals or job boards) display open positions within the company. These career websites serve to significantly reduce costs associated with open position ads placed on Job Search sites and in print. Plus, having these career websites managed externally by HR-Meter saves time and energy for more pressing matters. It's the perfect solution for one of recruiting's nastiest problems.


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Upgrade your organization's website with state-of-the-art career webpage

Have HR-Meter manage your new career website and new applicant data

Combine your career website with highly targeted job marketing

Integrate candidates assessments into your hiring process

Integrate auto-interviewing or live-interviewing


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