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Project Deliverables in an HR-Meter 360 Degree Feedback Project

Do you value feedback projects that guarantee expert handling and zero service gaps? Virtually all of our feedback tools can be adapted to any need while maintaining the highest possible quality and service, guaranteed.

The Concept - 100% Tailor Fit
HR-Meter feedback tools are customizable in all areas: participant selection, appointment of feedback perspectives and roles (single, 180, 360 degree, internal, external, department-specific, etc.)
All question types are methodologically meaningful. We can represent: open questions, pictures, closed questions with different scales, with or without weighting, reversibility, control issues, "not answerables", etc.)
We adapt the layout to match a design environment for the customer (typically the client website): integration of the client logo, client color scheme, font adaptation in online tools and reports, freedom of design and integration of text and views, etc.
Access to proven and customizable skills and change management modules.
Development of new company-specific questionnaires.
Consultation with the HR leadership team for the entire project.
Handling of update requests in the current project.
Composition and sending of participant invitations via e-mail.
Easy to use interface with personalized login for each participant.
Selection of over 50 report types depending on project objectives.
And so much more!

In fact, a typical HR-Meter 360 Degree Feedback Project comprises 42 deliverables, standard!

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